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Command Central Specifications
Operating Software Requirements Monitor Options Compatibility Instrument Attachments Power and Environmental Requirements Screen Assembly Dimensions and Weight Instrument Software Compatibility**
Power Processor (PrepLink)V3.6 or higher
Power Processor (Line Computer) V3.2 or higher
Instrument Manager† V8.04 or higher
SYNCHRON LX20 V3.0 or higher
SYNCHRON LX20 PRO V4.7 or higher
UniCel DxC 600 V2.0 or higher
UniCel DxC 800 V2.0 or higher
SYNCHRON LXi 725 V3.0 or higher
UniCel DxC 600i V2.0 or higher
UniCel DxC 880i V2.0 or higher
AutoMate 800 V1.1 or higher
Access 2 V2.5 or higher
Coulter LH 780/785 V1B or higher
UniCel DxI 600 V2.4 or higher
UniCel DxI 800 V2.4 or higher
COULTER LH 750/755 V2D or higher
COULTER LH 1500 (Line Computer) V5.2 or higher
Cytomics FC 500 V2.2 or higher
FP1000 Cell Preparation System V1.3 or higher

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** Command Central version 2.0 uses generic icons for the UniCel DxC and other families of instruments.
Each icon has a customizable area for the lab to put its own instrument designation.
† Instrument Manager is a trademark of Data Innovations.
Beckman Coulter, the stylized logo, Access, COULTER, Synchron LX and UniCel are registered trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. AutoMate, and PrepLink are trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc.